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the newest member of my little family . . .

His name is Turt. Turt the turtle. Kevin named him. A lady at my work gave him to us a couple of months ago. She brought him to work one day in a little cardboard box and sat it by my desk. Turt was shy and quiet the whole day. He wouldn't even come out of his shell to eat. When 3:30 came, me and Turt headed home. I placed his little box on the passenger seat and thought he would be still on the way home. Boy was I wrong! lol He climbed out of his box and started climbing up the seat. I hit the brakes and down he fell - back into his box. This continued the rest of the trip home! Finally we arrived home and I made him a little pen in the back yard. You should of seen Kevin's face when he came home from work and noticed our little friend and the home I made in the back yard. At first he didn't want him - but I finally talked him into keeping him. Then one day, we let Turt out in the back yard to roam around. I asked Kevin to keep and eye on him so we don't lose him. I&#…

tulsa, oklahoma

"Hmm, which one should I buy." Life's decisions can be soooo hard. LOL! As you can tell, we had a great time in Tulsa last week. The praise and worship was awesome, the preaching was phenomenal, and the fellowship was great! The second night, Bro. Cody Marks preached and awesome message about the last days. "Who preaches that kind of message at a youth conference?" you may be thinking. He did and it was awesome. He told everyone to pray like you would pray if you only had 3 minutes left on this Earth. Everyone fell to their knees in sincere prayer. About thirty minutes later, everyone was on their feet shouting. Gene said he went to the restroom because he thought service was about over but when he returned everyone was shouting. That's how quick the service changed gears! It was an awesome experience. Here are just a few pics. For some reason, most of my pictures came out blurry.
The plane ride to Tulsa was nice. I snapped some pics of the clouds. In one of…

Optical Illusions

The following pictures are not animated:

Your eyes are making them move!

Our May trip to San Antonio

For our one year anniversary. Kevin and I went to San Antonio. It was beautiful. Our hotel was located on the River Walk.
For some reason Kevin is fascinated with ducks. This duck was cute! The ducks like to hang out by the restaurants along the river. The tourists throw bread and chips and all the little duckies get excited!

This is a pic of the Tower of America's. It is 750 feet tall, At the top is an observation deck and one floor down is a restaurant that rotates!
We also went to SeaWorld. We got to see Shamu and feed and touch the dolphins! This is Kevin with his head in the body of the World's Fattest man. I don't really know what this other guy is doing! As you can tell, Kevin had a blast at the Guinness Book of World Records Museum and at Ripley's.We had an awesome time. The only bad thing about the trip was that the Spurs one a game one night and we had to listen to cars honking all night long!