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Prince Has Gone Home

Our Home . . .

Yesterday, Kevin and I went to the closing for our new home! We are now homeowners! Yay! Go us! Our home was originally built in 1888, and in 2003 Kevin's aunt bought the house and remodeled and added to it. Here is how it looked when his aunt bought it:

This is it after she was finished with it:Thank you Aunt Jill for seeing something in this old house and giving us the opportunity to purchase it!

Please Pray

Yesterday in between church services, Kevin and I went to visit his Grandma King in the hospital. The doctors say that she's not doing to well and that there is nothing else they can do for her. So Sunday we got a prayer cloth for her and brought it up. She has dementia and has a hard time remembering, but when Kevin gave her the prayer cloth she immediately put it to her head as if she was annointing herself with the oil from the cloth! She wanted to pin it to her gown but they didn't want the nurse to accidently throw it away. She kept hold of the cloth the entire time we were there. She lost it for a second and frantically began to look for it. I'm absolutely positively sure she still remembers and believes in the power of prayer! Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Also, please pray for her children and grandchildren. They all know the truth and have seen God work in her life. (The pic above was taken a year ago.)

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

We all remember that jingle from school - at least I do. On October 12, 1492, Columbus first saw the islands of the new world, landing in the Bahamas. Then in 1792, one of the first known celebrations marking the discovery of the New World took place in New York. Other celebrations followed that. Then in 1869, Italians in San Francisco celebrated October 12 calling it C-Day. To mark the 400th anniversary of Columbus' voyage, in 1892, President Benjamin Harrison made a commemorative proclamation. But it was Colorado, in 1905, that became the first state to observe a Columbus Day. Since 1920 the day has been celebrated annually, and in 1937 President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed every October 12 as Columbus Day. That's where it remained until 1971 when Congress declared it a federal public holiday on the second Monday in October. ( I hope everyone has a Happy Columbus Day!


Here he is. Prince. Kevin's 15 year old dog (he's 105 in dog years). Old huh? Yep, and he has the typical signs of old age - arthritis and poor eye sight. But hey, he gets around pretty good. He occasionally (or should I say frequently) bumps into things, but eventually finds his way around. And Kevin spoils him. He even has his own room. For some odd reason, he loves to eat newspaper and grass. Let's just say, you're lucky you don't get to see the aftermath of that. LOL!
Here are a couple of pics of him. Notice his mohawk!