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turt is back!

Turt has come out of hibernation! Someone told us that turtles hibernate in the winter and that you aren't suppose to take them out when they are hibernating. I didn't even know they hibernated. So I looked it up and found this:

"When mature box turtles are ready to hibernate, they stop eating, become lethargic and attempt to burrow or hide. Those that are not allowed to hibernate usually experience a progressive physical and mental decline. "

Oh no, we brought him inside once when it was really really cold and we probably weren't supposed to do that. (Sorry buddy, we didn't know!) Do you still consider someone a bad parent even when they bring harm to their child unintentionally? I mean, we honestly though we were helping him.
After we found out this information, we stopped disturbing him. We didn't want to become "overbearing parents" If he needed alone time, we were gonna give it to him. LOL. So that's what we did.
This Wednesday we went chec…