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good news!

So, for all of you haven't heard . . . I went to the doc April 14th and it was confirmed! Turt is going to be a big brother! Kevin and I are super excited! So are our parents and family and friends!

Once we found out, we stopped at our parents' houses and gave them a little "gift". "We were shopping and bought this for you" we told them. You should have seen their face when they opened the bag and saw a bib that said: "What happens and grandmas stays at grandmas". "You're pregnant?" was the question asked when they finally made the connection! They were excited!

I don't really know how far along I am yet. At first my doc said 7 weeks but then said maybe 4-6 weeks. I won't really know until my first ultrasound or sonogram - which will hopefully be on my next visit!
As for morning sickness, I don't know who is more nauseous right now - me or Kevin. lol. I heard him telling my parents that he is eating for two instead of me. lo…

can you imagine . . .

Can you imagine being stripped of your clothes, a crown of thorns placed upon your head, a scarlet robe placed upon your body and a reed placed in your hand . . . all in mockery?

Can you imagine being spit upon and then being smote on the head by that same reed you were holding?

Can you imagine the robe coming off, your own clothes put on, but the torture still isn't over?

Can you imagine being beaten and whipped so severely that your skin is ripped from your back?

Can you imagine carrying your own cross to your execution, but being so injured that someone else has to carry it the rest of the way?

Can you imagine being crucified on that same cross, feeling the nails being pounded into your hands and feet, and being mocked even more - yet still having the compassion to pray: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"?

Can you imagine suffering the pain and death of the cross so that others could have life?

Can you imagine knowing that some would still doubt you, some w…