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an update

This Tuesday, Kevin and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! 2 years already. Wow. They say time goes by when you are having fun, and I can definitely say it's been fun! There is never a boring moment with Kevin - that's for sure. He is the best. He gave me a beautiful bouquet and some complimentary notes (ie. one complimentary back massage and things like that. There was even one that said he would do a chore lol.)

May 14th was my second md appointment. I got the results back from all my bloodwork. Earlier in the month, my doc called and said my glucose was high so I had to do more bloodwork. This time I had to drink some really sweet juice and then they checked my sugar every hour for 3 hours. Talk about boring. There I was sitting in the waiting room at Labcorp for 3 hours - couldn't eat anything until after. Anyways, the results came back good - my sugar was normal. I also got to hear the baby's heartbeat! That was awesome! It made everything official for me - there …