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It's a . . .

Baby! A baby that weighs 5 ounces right now and is still growing. It's still to early to tell the gender, but hopefully in a month or so we will find out! I can't wait to know what it is. I'm ready to start painting and decorating the nursery!

This Monday was my third doc visit. According to her, I was on my 16th week. Wednesday was my first ultrasound and according to that, I was on my 15th week plus a few days. Doc said November 30th and ultrasound said December 6th. We'll let the baby decide! lol.

On Monday Kev got to hear the baby's heartbeat. He missed out last visit so this time he made sure he was in the room with me. Then there was the ultrasound Wednesday. . . Besides having to drink 32 ounces of water and not being able to release (lol), the ultrasound was exciting. Kevin asked the ultrasound tech tons of questions and we got to see our baby in action.

Time is flying so fast and we still have plenty to do before he or she makes its grand debut. We can't …