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37 more days!

Thursday my doc said I was 34 weeks. I thought I made 33 weeks last Monday but obviously I was wrong. So I'm 34 weeks as of Thursday. Good. That's taken care of. Let's move on . . . This post is dedicated to Sis. Betsy and all you other readers who are constantly nagging me to update my blog. lol.
Kev and I were blessed to have two baby showers. One with my side of the family and our church family and the other with his side. I had fun at both and Dylan received plenty of gifts! Hopefully I will get some pics soon of the two showers so I can post a few.
We've been busy getting Dylan's room together and sorting and putting away all the great stuff we got at our showers. Kevin has been putting stuff together and hanging things on the wall. What a great guy! So, here are a couple of pics of what we've done to the nursery so far.