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39 weeks

Hey you guys! Just wanted to keep you up to date on yesterday's md visit. Yesterday I made 39 weeks! WOOHOO! I'm super excited and a little nervous. They checked my weight and blood pressure and my blood pressure was 160/100. So they hooked me up to a little monitor and gave me a little clicker and I had to press it everytime the baby moved. They took my bp again. My doc told me the baby was doing great but that my blood pressure was way to high. She told me that if my bp didn't drop I would have to be induced. I was scared! Yes, I'm ready for this baby but I don't mind waiting a couple more days to deliver him. lol. So I was admitted to the hospital and they began to monitor the baby. They also checked my bp again and had to report the results to my doc. They put in an IV and was about to administer some kind of med to help my bp go down when a nurse stuck her head in the room and said the doc called. When they told her my new bp she was like "you've got …

Kev's b-day pics

For Kevin's birthday, him and I went to Young's Steakhouse in Slidell. The food was awesome! Here are a few pics from his birthday.

Kevin's rib-eye.

The cake I made him. Cafe Au Lait Cake

What a goof nut.

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Today is Kevin's birthday! He is now 27. Man, that's old . . . lol just kidding. Happy Birthday to an awesome husband, friend, and soon to be daddy! I love you! "We gonna be togetha foreva. You my baby daddy." lol

Side Note: When we were just dating, we were talking on the phone one night when all of a sudden our phone lines must have gotten crossed. I then hear a woman arguing with I guess her boyfriend. She starts telling the guy "We gonna be together forever . You my baby daddy." Me and Kevin got silent. I thought he was playing a joke on me. lol. Finally we spoke and he said he heard the same thing too. We were scared to hear what else they were gonna say so we both hung up. lol. It was crazy but definitely a memory never forgotten!

So Kevin: "We gonna be togetha foreva cuz you my baby daddy." lol I love you and Happy Birthday!

10 more days . . .

Ahhhhh! I can't wait to have Dylan! Every night I go to bed I wonder "Is it tonight?" lol. I finally backed my bags to bring to the hospital thanks to Kevin's urgings. A bag for when I'm in labor and another bag for afterwards. I hope I have everything I'm going to need.

While I am very excited about finally getting to meet little Dylan, I also am a little scared. What if he doesn't like me? lol. Just joking. This is all such a new experience for me and Kevin. It's like a dream. Am I really gonna be a mother in just a few short days? It still seems so unreal.

My cousin bought Dylan a bassinet. I think it is adorable. It vibrates, sings, and I think it rocks too.

Here are a couple more things we've added to the room since last time.

My mom made the cushion! I love it!

Oh yeah . . . Monday is Kevin's birthday! He is going to be 27!