Monday, December 28, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He's here!

I went to the doc November 30th and she told me they were gonna induce me on the 1st. Kevin and I were super excited and of course totally freaked out. lol However, Dylan did not want to be induced and I went in labor just a few hours after my doc visit. Because my blood pressure was playing games (up at doc office, normal at hospital), my doc didn't want me to be in any pain, so she had me get an epidural as soon as I got there. I was lucky, I never felt one real contraction. The only discomfort was not being able to move my legs by myself lol. Kevin was awesome. Between him and my mom, they doted on me that whole night. Dylan finally made his grand entrance at 10:45am on December 1st - my due date - weighting a whopping 9 lbs! My doc was surprised. So were we. She said for my next child she is putting me on a bread and water diet. lol. Because Dylan was having a few complications with his lungs, Kevin and I were only able to hold him for a minute. He was admitted to the NICU and I finally got to spend time with him the next day. When I was discharged, he had to stay. That was the hardest thing to do, but we went visit him constantly. He was finally discharged on Saturday and boy were we excited! Excited and nervous. What a huge responsibility. We are definitely not pros yet but I think we are catching on.

Being a mommy is such an awesome experience. Sure, I have my moments when I ask myself "What have I gotten myself into?" but that question slowly begins to fade as I hold him in my arms and watch him sleep. Kevin is a great daddy and Dylan looks just like him.

Here are a few pics of our little "bruiser" (as his daddy likes to call him).


Wednesday. 1 day old.

Thursday. 2 days old. They had to put his IV in his head because they couldn't get it in his hand.

Friday. 3 days old.

Saturday. 4 days old.

Going Home!

Going to first doc appointment. Weighed 9lbs 5oz.

Yesterday. 1 week old.