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Dylan got a walker today. Daddy put it together and we excitedly put Dylan in it. It's a jeep and he loves it. However, it has one major flaw . . . no air bags!Oh, and by the way, the hit wasn't as bad as it sounds on the video. He didn't even cry.

5 months old now!

Dylan turned 5 months old on the first. He is getting so big and likes to make all kinds of sounds now. Im constantly repeating "mamamamamamama" to him that way he'll say mama before dada. lol. Don't know if it will work though. Here are some pics from April:

Dylan with his Nike's on.
Thanks Uncle Larry!
We went walking around his Mi Mi and nanny's neighborhood.
Dylan and the Easter bunny at the Easter Eggstravaganza
Wearing Daddy's tie.
In his Easter Best.
He grabbed the hanger himself from off the bed and starting playing with it.