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the months are flying by . . .

************ long post alert! lol :) *****************

June is gone and July is almost over. This year is zooming by and I'm trying to hold on. lol. Dylan is about to turn 8 months. He now has his first tooth, eats baby food, sits up on his own, waves bye-bye, and claps when we say "yaaaaaaay!". He loves computers and cellphones and everything goes into his mouth now. lol. He loves to smile and laugh and wants plenty of attention. He'll play by himself for a little while but would much rather someone playing with him.

We thought he had his first little stomach bug a few weeks ago. He had a fever, diarrhea, and was throwing up. His doc ran some tests and come to find out he had Salmonella. He doesn't eat eggs or chicken yet so the only thing we could figure was his brother . . . Turt! Reptiles are high carriers of Salmonella and even though Dylan doesn't play with him, someone else could have and did not wash his or her hands . . . He is doing fine now and we go…