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2 more months to go!

Today Dylan makes 10 months old. 2 more months and he will be 1! He just started crawling the beginning of the week and now comes the fun! I've heard that he'll get into everything and my clean house as I know it will be no more! lol. I don't think it will be that bad - just have to baby proof everything. Dylan has been sleeping good in his own bed. One morning we went in to check on him to see if he was awake and this is what we found:

Dylan still comes to work with me. He loves sitting at my desk and playing with my keyboard so I hooked an old one to his walker! One of my co-workers comes up to him and acts like she is giving him work to do. lol. My boss will sometimes come and get Dylan and take him in her office if I am really busy and he is cutting up. One time I was in the middle of feeding him his cereal and she called me to the back for something. When I returned another employee was feeding him. She heard him fussing for his food so she jumped right in. Dylan didn&…