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bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

There is a dove nesting in one of our plants outside. I tried to get a closer close up but scared it away. Liked to scare me to death! A few minutes later it returned.

Dylan absolutely loves being outside. His MiMi bought him some bubbles and we have been enjoying going outside to blow them. I am so glad Spring is here! The weather is perfect for being outside!

You may wonder how come there is never any pictures of me and Dylan but tons of him and his daddy? I'm the one snapping away!

Looking at daddy

It seems like everyday Dylan is learning or doing something new. He now gives kisses and even blows kisses! He knows where his ear is and raises in hands in worship! When he wants to type on the keyboard of the computer he says "A" (dragging it out)! He is so stinken cute!

fun at the park!

Last Tuesday, we took Dylan to Torres Park. We fed the ducks, slid down all the slides, and swung. It was fun and the little one had a blast! Every time Kevin would break off a piece of bread for the ducks Dylan would open his mouth and go "ahhh", so we had to feed the ducks and him!

Munching on some bread!

Feeding the duckies!


Dylan loved the swing! He screamed in delight the whole time!

Mommy and Dylan

Daddy and Dylan

Here is Dylan's reaction to the swing!
Mommy and Dylan coming down the slide!