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swamp tour

Two Saturdays ago we had a King Family outing . . .we went on a swamp tour! Everyone wore camouflage thanks to Aunt Jill's bidding and if you didn't have any she provided camo bandannas! When Dylan was just a few months old, my cousin who is in the army bought Dylan a camo hat and it was perfect for this event!

Looks like he is making the peace sign! lol

The tour guide said that this used to be a town but then a super storm hit and the whole town died.

He's feeding the alligators chicken

Towards the end of the tour, he passsed around a baby alligator!

Here is a video of the tour guide feeding the alligator!

Easter weekend

I have plenty of catching up to do! We'll start with Easter and I'll post about the other stuff later.

The Saturday of Easter we went to my aunt's annual Easter Eggstravaganza. The weather was perfect. We hung out under a tent by the pool watching the kids splash around. Dylan was happy as long as the cheese balls kept coming!

The sun drained my baby's energy! He doesn't look to enthused to be with the Easter Bunny . . .

On Easter, Kevin, Dylan and I were in an Easter Drama. Kevin was a solider who arrested Jesus and Dylan and I were part of the crowd. I had a bag of M&M's that I kept sneeking to him to keep him happy! lol

Afterwards we went to my mom and dad's house for lunch and then to Kevin's aunt and uncle's in Lacombe.

Eating a ring pop!

Dylan loved the scooter! When Kevin took him off he cried for more!

Dylan racked out this Easter . . . too much candy!

Easter weekend was a blast!