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Spending Time With Daddy


Today makes 9 years that my brother has been gone. On January 25, 2008 the murderer plead guilty and my mother was able to address him. Some of what is written below was actually said to him (the last 2 paragraphs).

Before 9/11/02, I thought I knew what forgiveness was. Sure, I forgave my sister from hitting me or calling me names. I forgave my brother for breaking promises. Basically I forgave anyone who asked for forgiveness because it was really no big deal. The problem was small and the wrong done towards me was the kind you forget about the next day. I had no clue what true forgivness was.

Then wrong was done towards me and my family, the kind you never forget about - my brother was murdered. How can you forgive someone who has hurt someone you love and has taken that person away from you? How can you forgive someone who is selfish, who only thinks of himself when he is destroying the life of your loved one? How can you forgive  someone who hurt an entire family? How can you forg…

Wordless Wednesday

The many faces of Dylan . . .

Which face is your favorite?