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Happy Valentines Day!

First came love,

Then came marriage,

Then came baby in a baby carriage!

Happy Valentine's Day to my amazing husband! No words could truly express how much you mean to me and how much I love you! I am so thankful to have you in my life! And Happy Valentines to my little man. You are truly a gift from God and me and daddy's perfect little valentine! Love you!

An essay I wrote in highschool

Last year when my mom was going through some of her belongings she came across an essay I wrote my senior year of high school (talk about ancient! lol). I wrote it around April 2002 about my brother and in September 2002 he was murdered. Today is my brother's birthday. He would be 33 years old. I thought I'd share the essay.

It is one in the morning, the phone rings and a mother jumps out of the bed to see who it is. Her heart pounds from within. Thoughts fill her head about her son, Lance. "Is he alright?" she wonders. Lance lived with his grandmother and was never home. Knowing of his drug problem, his mother always thought the worst when the phone rang at night. This is not only a scenario of one family, but it is a scenario of millions of families around the world. Drug use among teenagers can lead to broken relationships, problems with the law, and even death.
   Drug abuse can lead to a breakdown in a teenager's life. The days drugs aren't being used ar…