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Spring is here and that means that Summer is right around the corner! When I think of Summer I think of flipflops, suntan lotion, trips to the beach, swimming . . . the list can go on and on! Summer is my favorite season, but I love Spring too.

When I think of Spring I think of fun and bright colors, blooming trees and flowers and picnics. Happy thoughts. The only not so happy thought I have when I think of Spring is spring cleaning! lol

Spring makes me think of  growth. Growth slows in Winter. Winter is a season of little or no growth. But right after Winter comes Spring - from little/no growth to regrowth/new growth!

I'm reminded of a lesson my Sunday School teacher taught when I was a teenager. Bloom where you are planted. Grow where you were placed. Don't let circumstance stunt your growth. We can choose to grow no matter what our circumstances are. Wherever we are, no matter how bleak, or sad, no matter how much of a mess is around us, no matter how dark it may be, we ca…

Fun at the Children's Museum

Last Tuesday we took Dylan to the Children's Museum. It brought back memories of school field trips! All three of us had a blast! Dylan's favorite "exhibit" was the Winn-Dixie market. I enjoyed watching him "make groceries". :) We literally had to drag him out of there. Here is a taste of what our day was like.