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Went on down to the Audubon Zoo . . .

A few Tuesday's ago we took Dylan to the zoo. It was his first visit there and he loved it! We saw all the exhibits, rode the train and carousel over and over, and then finished off in the Cool Zoo. I love seeing him smile and watching his eyes light up. I love when he is happy!

Happy Father's Day to 3 amazing men . . .

my daddy,   my father-in-law,  and my husband! 


It's been a while since I've posted and I have sooo much to catch you up on! So . . . I'll do a few small posts soon to catch up!

For those of you haven't heard the news . . . .  our oldest son ran away from home. We were devastated and searched everywhere, but no sign of him. Hopefully he is happy wherever he is and maybe just maybe he will make his way back home.

I'm talking about Turt . . . I hope none of you were thinking that Dylan ran away! lol. Turt has been part of our family since August 2008. Paulette, my boss at the time, found him around her home and gave him to me. He's been part of the family since. 

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