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It's A . . .

So today we had our ultrasound to determine Baby Cazeaux #2's gender.
It's a  . . . . . GIRL!!!!
We would've been happy no matter what the gender but we reeeeeeeally wanted a girl! As soon as the ultrasound started the tech was like "I know what it is! Do you want to know now or towards the end?" We were like "Tell us now!" I thought for sure it's a boy if she is able to see it that quickly! But the pictures clearly shown that it's a girl! 

Today she was shy like mommy. The tech tried forever to get a good pic of her face but in most of them she is hiding it with her hands.
Today, before the ultrasound, when we asked Dylan if the baby was a girl or boy he said girl. I should've saved my money and just listened to him! LOL. He will be an awesome big brother. He is already talking about holding and feeding the baby. I love when he randomly comes up to me and kisses my belly and tries to give the baby a hug!
The next post will be her name! We …