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3 months

Addy turned 3 months June 18th. Don't know how much she weights yet until her 4 month check-up. She finally has started smiling and making fun noises!  (as I type this she is sitting on my lap cooing away!) And she has already rolled over onto her belly! She is growing way too fast! Kevin had a vacation he needed to use before August so we decided to do a little stay-cation. We did a bunch of things around the house and during one of those days we went to the zoo. It's so much more fun now that Dylan is older. We saw the animals, rode the train a dozen of times, and the carousel too!

We also put the pool up and Dylan is having a blast! He will be my complexion by the end of the summer!
He is always wanting to hold his sister. Take a picture of me and baby girl is what he always says ! lol
 Having a little fun with Addy!