Thursday, November 7, 2013

7 months

So Addy turned 7 months on October 18th and will soon be 8 months! She is getting soooo big. She weighs 14lbs now and is super active! She never stays still!

For Halloween we had a Fall Fest at the church for all the kids. Dylan insisted on being a lion and Addy was a kitty! I love my lil' felines!
Addy was dedicated to the Lord this Sunday past. November 3, 2013. Kevin and I made a commitment before the Lord to submit her to His will and to raise her according to His Word and His ways.

She wants the bottle of oil in Pastor's hand sooo bad!
The grandparents
We went to the Insectarium on Tuesday. I didn't think it was going to be all that great but it was pretty fun! My favorite was the Butterfly Garden!
My crazy husband!
Dylan is growing up way to fast too. In a month he will be 4! He is an awesome big brother. Always playing with his babygirl/sissy/Addy. Next school year he will be in preschool. Happy but sad . . .  I started working on him with writing his ABCs and he is doing awesome!