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7 months

So Addy turned 7 months on October 18th and will soon be 8 months! She is getting soooo big. She weighs 14lbs now and is super active! She never stays still!
For Halloween we had a Fall Fest at the church for all the kids. Dylan insisted on being a lion and Addy was a kitty! I love my lil' felines! Addy was dedicated to the Lord this Sunday past. November 3, 2013. Kevin and I made a commitment before the Lord to submit her to His will and to raise her according to His Word and His ways.
We went to the Insectarium on Tuesday. I didn't think it was going to be all that great but it was pretty fun! My favorite was the Butterfly Garden! Dylan is growing up way to fast too. In a month he will be 4! He is an awesome big brother. Always playing with his babygirl/sissy/Addy. Next school year he will be in preschool. Happy but sad . . .  I started working on him with writing his ABCs and he is doing awesome!