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Semi-Wordless Wednesday

A look back . . .


Semi-Wordless Wednesday

If you don't know by now . . . Dylan loves Monkey and Monkey loves showing up in all kinds of places!

Just a thought

Some reason, lately I've been thinking about my friend Sam (I don't want to use his real name so Sam it is). He committed suicide a few years ago.

We rode the same bus in kindergarten, walked to school together in elementary, played with the same neighborhood kids. He would harass me like all boys do girls . . . you know like chase me and pull my hair. Eventually my family moved away but we would still see other when I was at my grandparents' house. He still hung out with my cousin and we talked when he would come over. He was a childhood friend.

Then my brother was murdered. Alot of friends and family came over for support including Sam, but he never once looked at me or told me hi or anything at all. I thought that was odd but later understood.

Sam was there when my brother was murdered. It was my brother, him, and the murderer that night. He knew my brother was dead and where his body was way before the cops discovered his body.

He became a witness when the trial beg…

Our trip to Panama City Beach, Florida!

Two weeks ago we went to Panama City Beach, FL with my parents and two nephews. The beach was beautiful and it wasn't crowded at all. It had rained a few days before so there was plenty of seaweed in the water on the first day, but each day it kept getting clearer and clearer - and even with the seaweed, that didn't stop us from getting in and enjoying the water! Dylan loved the water . . . he just didn't like the sand! No sand castles for us :(   Here is a peek of our trip. Enjoy!